Our Future Plans

Dear Friend,

Aventura has always been a place where you can raise a family and feel safe. This is the result of our community looking out for each other and to our public safety officers.

Once again, amid our current crisis, it is our first responders who are stepping up to meet the challenge. We owe these heroes a huge debt of gratitude. 

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been organizing meals from local restaurants to be delivered to our first responders as a small thank you. You can view some of the news coverage here.

There is no doubt our public safety officers work hard every day to keep our community safe, but it’s crucial they are provided with all the necessary tools to ensure our safety.  

We must think long term about Aventura’s public safety. Over the last decade, Aventura experienced phenomenal prosperity. The growth bestowed Aventura with quality of life improvements, and new amenities.

A 200 million dollar expansion to Aventura Mall–with countless new restaurants and entertainment options–has made Aventura an exciting destination. And there is even more coming. The new Brightline rail station scheduled for this year will open up travel across Miami-Dade.

Our community is prospering. However, the potential consequences of COVID-19 are likely and understandable, such as budget shortfalls in state and local government. It is imperative as budgets decrease, cuts to our first responders are the very last option. These men and women protect us and we need to protect them so they can continue to keep our community safe.

As your commissioner, I will make sure we have a long term plan in place and give the Aventura police and fire rescue the resources they need. 

Over the last few weeks, our Aventura police have been spending more time on crowd control and monitoring the roads. I recently reached out to the Chief of Police in Aventura to work on increasing the patrolling along our waterways to protect our homes and businesses.  

As your commissioner, I will continue to work with the Aventura police on safety measures. 

As we continue to grow, I will work with our local law enforcement to ensure they receive the necessary resources and staff needed to keep our neighborhoods safe.

Thank you,

Rachel Saltzman Friedland