Florida reaches highest level of anti-Semitic incidents in 40 years

Dear Friend,

Last year, Florida reached the highest level of anti-Semitic incidents in 40 years. According to a new report by the Anti-Defamation League, 91 acts of assault, vandalism, and harassment against Jewish people were recorded in our state. Even during the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve heard anti-Semitic conspiracy theories alleging that Jewish people are behind this pandemic. 

We are not immune to these attacks in Aventura. Last year, the words “Heil Hitler” were written on an Aventura home. The year before, our Aventura Jewish community was the victim of several anti-Semitic threats and gestures by a man that sought to strike fear into our hearts.

With anti-Semitism rearing it’s ugly head in Aventura, we need leaders who will stand up, bring people together, and say, “never again.”As someone who has lived in this community since I was a teenager, I have dedicated myself to uplifting our community, and when I am elected to the Aventura Commission, I will do everything in my power to prevent this hate from spewing into our businesses, homes, and places of worship.

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As a founding member of the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center Synagogue’s Social Action Committee, I’ve always recognized the importance of standing up for what’s right. For the past ten years, I have served on the Board of the American Friends of Beit Issie Shapiro, which is the largest organization in Israel helping educate and treat children with disabilities. I have served on the Aventura Charter School of Excellence (ACES) Advisory Committee for the past five years as well as the Board of Directors of the Jewish Community School of Hollywood. 

We need to stand together and say enough is enough. If you agree that hate has no home in Aventura, click here to sign my petition.

Vice Mayor Howard Weinberg is proposing a resolution at the next City Commission meeting condemning anti-Semitic propaganda surrounding the COVID-19 crisis. I plan on sharing the names collected with the Commission to show Aventura will always stand up against hate.

During these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to lead with empathy, compassion, and unity. I hope you will join me in showing support for our Jewish friends, family members, and neighbors. 
Yours in strength,

Rachel Friedland